MUMC Baptism


What baptism is: We are happy that you have decided to have your child baptized! In this sacrament, the water becomes the outward sign of the inward gift of God's grace, love and forgiveness. In the liturgy, we respond to God's invitation to become part of the community of faith.

Baptism is the start of a lifelong journey, and our congregation offers many opportunities for you and your children to grow in faith together: Sunday School, confirmation, youth groups, vocal and bell choirs for children and adults, small group studies, service projects and more. We are happy to be connected to your family during this time of deepening faith and gratitude for new life.

Of course, baptism isn't just for kids! We welcome and celebrate the commitment of adults who are ready to make a profession of faith and receive the sacrament. If God is moving you in this direction, please talk with one of the pastors.



  • Faith Commitment: Consider your own faith commitment. In the liturgy, parents vow to raise their children in the faith and the congregation vows to help them do that. We take these vows seriously and know you do too. For this reason, at least one parent or godparent/sponsor needs to be a baptized, practicing Christian. Think about this when you are choosing your godparents/sponsors. Make your choice based on who you believe will provide the best example of faith lived. You do not have to choose a godfather and godmother - you may only have one godparent, or two godmothers, two godfathers, or more.
  • Visit: If you have not already attended worship here, we invite you to come out to worship for a period of several weeks to see if this is the kind of church community where you can feel comfortable bringing up your child. While here, introduce yourself to either one of the pastors. You can find more information on worship, including details on childcare and Sunday School, at our worship page.
  • Connect: After you have visited with us in worship and introduced yourself to a pastor, call us at the church office to arrange for one of the pastors to visit at your home, to meet you informally, review the baptismal vows, and answer your questions. A date for your baptism will be set for a Sunday morning during one of the worship services. There is never a "charge" for the sacrament of baptism.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.
Rev. Joe Monahan, Pastor
Rev. Kathleen Stolz, Associate Pastor